Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Rank hypocrisy on the Paris march

All sort of commentators particularly Republicans have criticized the Obama Administration for the low key support for the March in Paris on Sunday. While leaders from various countries did attend the highest ranking US rep was the Ambassador with Secretary of State Kerry in India and the President and VP in Washington. Some of the criticism has even been bizarre and disgusting resulting in an apology.

Dana Milbank of the Post did an excellent job documenting some of the hypocrisy in the criticism not the least being the denigration of all things French while their government opposed the War in Iraq or the fact that John Kerry is fluent in French and spoke to the French people in their tongue after the horrible attack.

However, there is an even bigger flaw in their logic. When terrorist killed over 200 in Madrid in 2004 and then millions marched in Spain the Bush Administration did not send any high ranking officials to the affair. Rather the President and First Lady signed a condolence book at the Spanish Embassy much as did President Obama. Did Republicans denounce the Administration for not showing more support for an ally in an unpopular war? Not a word.

That is until the 2008 Republican Presidential candidate wouldn't commit to inviting the Spanish Prime Minister to the White House. Again, it is all about political posturing, and amounts to rank hypocrisy.

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