Thursday, July 18, 2013

Infrastructure in Singapore

One of the interesting features of Singapore is the intense capital investment in infrastructure. Everywhere you go there are good roads, access to public transit and sidewalks. This facilitates life in a densely populated area. Not surprisingly, given the market orientation of the system here, there are incentives and disincentives to lessen traffic and consume public transport. To own a car here is quite expensive.

In fact, car ownership requires payment of a fee that is in excess of the open market value of the car. So cars which are expensive to import become even more expensive to operate as you are paying the price of the car again as a one time excise. On the upside they offer lower (basically free) prices for the subway during  early morning hours. The subway system is comprehensive and efficient. It is convenient and comes frequently. Clean and comfortable it is one of the best transit systems I have ever experienced.

The nation invested significant funds in its deep water ports to capitalize on its strategic sea lane position. I had an amazing view of the shipping lanes on my ride in from the airport and I have never seen so many big ships off a coast. All said the smart investments have contributed to Singapore's high rate of economic growth and high quality of life. 

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